Frigidaire EFMIS151ミニコンパクトな携帯用の個人ホームオフィスの冷蔵庫冷蔵スピーカー、4L能力、悪寒六12オンスの缶は、100%ノンフロンシリコーン、ボーナス車充電器
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Frigidaire EFMIS151ミニコンパクトな携帯用の個人ホームオフィスの冷蔵庫冷蔵スピーカー、4L能力、悪寒六12オンスの缶は、100%ノンフロンシリコーン、ボーナス車充電器

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SPACE SAVING STORAGE : Despite its compact size -(interior is 5 x 5 x 7. 5).This mini fridge has 4 litres capacity, chills six 12 oz.soda cans.DESIGN : Compact in size and attractive design with vibrant colours.MULTI-PURPOSE : A quiet, lightweight and portable mini fridge that can be used anywhere to cool or warm food, drinks, beer, snacks, breast milk, insulin, skincare and medications.ADAPTERS : Plug into either home outlet or car 12 V outlet - Included in the box.Color : Yellow The perfect portable mini fridge, designed for busy people who are constantly on the go!.It includes plugs for Home Outlet & a 12 V Car Charger.